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Hi All,

New to the LR community as I’ve just recently purchased a 2016 Evoque Coupe with 32k miles. I’ve wanted one for a while and found one from an online dealer that had low miles. Before you ask, yes I bought the warranty 😂.

I’ve had a coolant leak that was repaired because of a loose heater hose. The water pump was also replaced at this time when they traced the leak they saw that was starting to as well.

Since I’ve had the car, I notice that I get a very prevalent vibration while idling, felt in the steering wheel, while the car is in drive or reverse, with foot on brake completely stopped. There is no vibration while moving, only while stopped at low RPM’s. As soon as I start moving or shift into park or neutral, it diminishes. It’s even more prevalent if it’s cold outside and/or the engine isn’t at operating temp.
The car isn’t throwing any codes.

When I had it at my mechanic for the coolant leak, I asked about the rough idle. They had an earlier model Evoque Coup in at the same time ironically and they seemed to think it was normal because the other one did the same thing. My question is, is this normal for these cars? Or should I press further to find the source? Car runs fine otherwise.

The other issue I’m having is a horrible distortion/vibration from one of the drivers door speakers when audio is set at moderate bass/sub settings. I don’t think the speaker is blown because it still produces sound. Someone alerted me to a service bulletin being out about this. Anyone find any quick or easy fixes for this?
Thank you in advance!
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