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Signing off here, sold my 2012 Dynamic.

It was a pleasure to own and drive. Purchased new, no major problems during ownership, except the recurring various minor electrical gremlins, which I eventually managed to diagnosis as insignificant and mostly annoying. It never had a major mechanical issue or needed a service related tow. Two minor fender-benders, but no hangover issues.

Maybe just me, but the major negative was the underwhelming and frustrating dealership experience. Perhaps just the new model experience during 2011, the model was new to the RR fleet, and US dealerships and service mangers were basically ambivalent to the new hybrid (Ford/RR). They appreciated the business, "But don't expect the RR gold glove treatment". By the time the service centers gained a level of comfort and competence with the "Little Range", I was out of warranty and patience dealing with the service center; Too many "we don't know the source of the gremlin, but leave the car for a few days while we beam in the UK mothership for further deliberation". Then, returning to pick it up, being told they're not sure of the problem but just drive it and see if you can duplicate the error, wow! Ended that recurring nightmare by hooking up with a local mechanic who was knowledgeable about the Ford 2.0 engine.

Mechanically, it served me well in seven years of ownership. Mechanical: 2-Battery Changes; 3-Tire changes (Michelin Latitude AS); 1- Brake rotor (Ceramic), 2-Brake Pad changes; routine maintenance religiously (oil changes, anti-freeze, wipers, filters). The most important change was I made was the ill-fitting OEM gas cap. Once a new gas cap was fitted, the recurring service required lights ceased!!!!

With 100K on the clock, the interior leather was perfect(used leather cleaner/preservative yearly), no rips/tears, Meridian sound system was perfect, and all other options worked flawlessly throughout the ownership! Towards the end I began to contemplate long term service cost(transmission), and the MPG began to slip slightly, but overall it still ran strong.

Overall, it was a very economical, low maintenance, solid, ownership experience for 7-years and 100k miles. I'd highlight that it proved to be a very capable daily driver, and highway cruiser. I consistently pushed it at top end during long drives. I learned that the engine needed an occasional blow out to keep the engine running smoothly. That 2.0 4-liter turbo engine is bullet proof, and the trans proved to be very capable in all types of weather and road conditions, definitely worthy and lived up to the Rover reputation. Of course YEMV....

Lastly, thanks to all the contributors and mods here at EF, and continued good motoring.
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