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So i had a wheel bearing go bad. Like really bad. Loud noise and grinding. Ordered a pair for the front and spent 6 hours today trying to replace just one with no luck.
Problem is the bottom ball joint seems impossible to remove.
Its a whole new creature of ball joint, has a diagonal through bolt, clamp style and joint itself has no bolt and rotates inside spindle.
i used a power press umong other things to no avail.
On top of that decompressing the coil spring so slide out the strut is also next to impossible. Took 2 clamps and a jack to compress and a sledge hammer on wood block to get spindle down. After all said and done the hub wont come out because its wobbling around on that joint now. Needs to be glassy on ground.
I need help like now. Cant go to work, cant get this spindle off. Cant find any info on the suspension schematics.
No videos nothing. Im royaly fuked right now.........
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