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I just wanted to post my actual experiences in retro-fitting a heated Evoque steering wheel onto a 2013 Evoque that did not come with one.

First task was to find a heated steering wheel. I found one in absolutely great shape on EBAY for $88.50 shipped. Yes, that was a bargain. Not only did it come with the actual steering wheel but also the wiring harness and module. It was a great deal. Next was to source the correct clockspring. You need to get a clockspring that has the correct pins for the heating steering wheel element. The wiring is all there already, you just need the correct clockspring. For my 2013 that was Land Rover part #LR024653 which costs me $143.75 plus shipping.

I tried to attach below the two videos which I followed to install these parts but I apparently can only attach one. Go to the video and the second of the two is there to see. It was really quite simple. It took me 1 hour and that included 10 minutes to make ABSOLUTELY sure the capacitors were discharged since I don't like playing with airbags.

In essence you turn the wheel 1/2 turn (you need to remember which direction), access the airbag release port, pop the airbag out, disconnect the airbag wires and horn wire, release one set of wires from the clockspring and then pull the steering wheel off. You then take out two screws, separate the steering cowling, take out 4 screws for the clockspring and unclip two wires. Then you reverse the order to install the new clockspring.

The installation of the wheel is the same as the removal in reverse order other than you have two wire connectors that go into the clockspring. The first is just like the one you removed when disconnecting the wheel and the second one is the two wire connector for the heating elements. Like I said....1 hour from start to finish.

Now I did have one setback that drove me crazy. When you buy the clockspring it is locked in position (lets say at 12:00) by a plastic clip that needs to be snapped off. That 12:00 position is where it would be if the steering wheel was pointing straight ahead. But since you rotated the steering wheel 1/2 turn to the right to access the release port for the airbag you must rotate the clockspring 1/2 turn to the right as well. If you turn it more than that or turn it to the left then all hell breaks loose. The clockspring has a 5 turn max from far right to far left. It must be centered and then rotated 1/2 turn.

I must have fiddled with the clockspring before I installed it and I installed it 3 1/2 full turns from the left which meant I had only 1 1/2 rotation to the right before I maxed out. Because of this my steering angle sensor got mixed signals which messed up my stability control which in turn threw a ton of error codes. After I removed the steering wheel, re-centered the clockspring and then rotated it 1/2 turn to the right (and installed the steering wheel back) I drove off and all the codes cleared and it was great again...and now warm!

Another thing I noticed when the clockspring was off was that when I put the car in reverse with the steering wheel straight the lines on my back up camera were off to the side. That's a good test to be sure you have it done right.

All in all it was under $250 and 1 hour of work to have nice and toasty warm hands!

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