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Hi everyone!

Just a quick intro; I'm part of a group of automotive engineering students at Cranfield University (UK), and we are completing a Group Project based around designing a new hybrid Range Rover Evoque! It's quite a substanstial project, and we will be presenting our designs to JLR at the end of the year, helping to guide them on their choices for the rumoured Evoque hybrid (Project Evoque_e)! We would be very grateful if we could borrow just a few minutes of your time to give us some really brief opinions on what would you think of a hybrid Evoque. You guys either own or are clearly very interested in the Evoque, so your opinions are especially important to us!!

Basically, we really want to know what it would take for you to be swayed from your current full-fat Evoque to a hybrid model, and what sort of performance and characteristics you would expect from a hybrid version. We've designed a really short questionnaire (Only 4 questions, and two of those are your gender and age...), and we'd be massively grateful if you could spare 2 minutes to help us out. Thanks a lot!

(please, click on link above to follow the survey)
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