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Hey Everyone. I’m new to this forum but not new to owning a Range Rover (RR), which I’ve owned since 2012. In 2017 I purchased a 2015 RR Evoque Pure Premium Style / Body: SAV 4DEngine: 2.0L I4 DI and for the most part I’ve had good luck with her. Well...”for the most part”, with the exception of that one time, not even a week after I purchased it when I got stranded and learned I needed a new turbo, which took over 2 months to repair. But other than that, she’s been very good to me. Well, it seems I’ve angered the evoque gods and my luck has recently run out. I was socked with a repair estimate by the dealer that exceeds $6k (insert me gagging at the thought of this) AND here I am. I’m here to educate myself in hopes of making an informed decision on how best to proceed and prevent myself from enduring any further undue hardships (Insert me praying vigorously to all gods of higher power). I’d also like to connect and get recommendations from the more experienced folk since I haven’t much luck with local mechanics. I called around to get estimates from other mechanics and they won’t even touch it. They recommend I stick with the dealer so...? Thanks for any input you provide and I look forward to connecting. - Tara

Current repairs dealer is recommending:
  • Air bag light on- Diag needed $169.00 Note: This is like opening Pandora’s box. Estimated total repairs already exceeds $6k and that’s without knowing the cause of the faulty air bag light. This I’m holding off on. It’s also been an ongoing thing since I purchased it.
  • 100k mile service $939.93
  • The check engine light (need waste gate actuator) $620.45
  • Coolant leak (replace 2 heating core hoses) $766.51
  • Rear brakes 1273.82 + Brake flush $345.86 ($1,690.) Note: unless these come with some hidden features or gold/diamond plated pads that have a lifetime warranty, I will NOT be getting this done at the dealership. This can be done by any mechanics shop and will save a crap load of money.
  • Timing cover reseal $1748.16
  • Fuel pump $1763.27
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