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Has anyone else had a problem with their Evoque's middle front interior light staying on?! Apparently my car doesn't fall within the recall and I'm getting the royal run around from Land Rover Australia.

Is it an easy fix?

Any help would be appreciated!

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IpanemaSand, First welcome to the forum. Sorry you are not joining to say how much you are enjoying your Evoque.

What year is your Evoque?
Does the light turn off when you lock the doors?
Does the touch control work at all, for turning the other interior lights on or off?
If you touch the middle light and hold for 5 seconds, does this disable the center, and other interior lights from coming on when a door is opened?

Just trying to get some more information, so maybe someone can offer something to try.

Below is a link to the UK Evoque forum, about interior lights turning on and off unexpectedly. The post lists
a LR bulletin number. Not sure if this applies to your Evoque, but might be worth giving the bulletin number to your dealer.

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