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1. What is the inspiration for how the colors are named?
We have historically utilized a naming policy for our exterior body color range by choosing countries, geographical regions, cities, glaciers, oceans, rivers, mountains, valleys and natural landscapes that inspire or evoke the color. For example, we tend to use rivers, lakes and oceans for blue colors; glaciers and cold climate regions for light blues or silver colors and deserts or warm climate countries for yellows or oranges. This fits perfectly with the Land Rover brand and the outdoor orientated lifestyle many of our customers enjoy.

2. What are your personal favorites when it comes to Land Rover vehicle colors?
As a designer working so closely with colors every day, it is really difficult to say what my favorite colors are. It is my job to look at a wide range of colors that are suitable for differing global customer's requirements and suit the varied forms of each of our nameplates. Trends become highly influential meaning I could pick a new and different favorite every few weeks!

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