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Hi folks,

We're looking to pickup an Evoque for the wife (actually, I'll be parking my CTS-V for the winter and am quite looking forward to getting some seat time in the Evoque as well), and we're looking at having an importer bring us one in from the US (we're in Calgary, Alberta). Seems that even after all the fees, taxes, transportation, etc. are paid, we can still save a few bucks.

My question - the importing place has a coupe listed, but the VIN begins with SALV - which SCREAMS salvage title to me (although I'm just speculating because I've never seen a VIN begin with SALV before).

Here's the vehicle's actual VIN: SALVP1BGXCH613419

I ran a Carfax on it and it came back completely clean, and I see the dealerships web site has a couple other Evoques listed with similar VINs.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do these things just happen to have VINs beginning with SALV, or can someone shed a littel light on why there are 3 different Evoques listed for sale with similar SALV VINs, and the one I carfax'd came back completley clean?

Thanks, and looking forward to joining the family.

**Edit - Disregard....I just did some more searching and it does appear that Land Rover VINs DO begin with SAL....sorry for the n00b question
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