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My wife and I just picked up a 2016 Evoque SE Premium with the Meridian 380W system. Unfortunately, two weeks into owning it, the speakers cut out. I turned the car off and on and it was fine. Two days later it cuts out again and that was all she wrote.

The head unit is totally fine and responds to all inputs, but there's simply no sound. There is, however, a crackling noise coming from the mid-range speaker in the driver (LHD) side door. It's always crackling whether the car is on or off. I tried to do a hard reset of the car by disconnecting and grounding the system, but even after an hour the head unit wouldn't reset and still had all the stations saved. No auxiliary battery under the hood or in the fuse box, just the 800Ah AGM primary. If there's a battery hiding somewhere else, though, I guess that would suck.

Anyway it's been a week like this, and while I'm going to do a load test on the battery tomorrow I'm pretty sure one of the audio components is toast. I hate hate hate taking cars to dealers, though, and much prefer diagnosing issues myself, but I'm struggling to find information on the wiring or diagnostics online. But I had to concede and schedule a dealer diagnostic but I have a week and a half before it goes in.

I think this is why I tend to stick to classics. Anyone familiar with this problem?
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