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Many motoring journalists will be familiar with that sinking feeling. When an exciting, dynamic concept car is well received by public and press alike - and then goes past the committee and safety tests to emerge tamed and compromised. Yet what's remarkable about the hotly anticipated Range Rover Evoque is the resemblance to the Land Rover LRX concept of 2008. The extreme raked roofline, the peeled back slim headlights, and the coupe-like stance have all made it to the production Evoque.

The beauty of the Evoque is more than skin-deep however, and extends to an argument that could define the very future of Land Rover. With the length of a family car and the emissions of a supermini the new vehicle is an attempt to tackle the gas-guzzling reputation of Land Rover head-on. Recent directives from Europe have meant car companies have been forced to reduce emissions in their fleet, so the Evoque should be the closest you'll get to guilt-free 4x4 motoring.

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