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For the 5th time, since my new Evoque was delivered, I’m getting a strange loud rumbling noise from below the car (it sounds a bit like a big running V8 petrol engine noise instead of a D150.

The first time it happened, with only 30 miles, there was a burning smell which was a bit like burning rubber but not quite as strong. I was confused from where the noise was coming. Initially thinking it was coming from the left rear tyre.

If I stop the engine and start it again the noise stops and I can proceed the trip with no issues. That’s what I did the first 3 times. I informed LR about the issue and they asked to take the car to them for a look. After an entire day they were not able to identify the problem, as they were not able to replicate. They told me if the problem happened again to take the car directly to them so they identify where the noise was coming from.

Then forth time it happened I was able to film and identify where the noise was coming from - the exhaustion. I sent the video to LR and they asked to take the car the next timeit occurred.

It happened again during the weekend this time I did not stop the car and let it role after 7min of loud rumbling/knocking noise it stopped. I wanted to see what would happen and if the consequence was breakdown I would call LR road assistance.

Another fact is that the problem is occurring with 70 miles intervals and when it happens the hill hold break and automatic start/stop does not work. Consumption also rises significantly. It happens regardless if it is a short urban drive or motorway. To be honest most of my trips have been around 15 to 40 min long.

My Evoque D150 FWD has 500 miles at the moment.
Has anybody else experienced this? Have any idea what it might be?
Thanks in advance for your inputs.
Here is a short video

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