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Hello folks-

My wife and I, well really my wife is the new owner of a 2013 White Evoque Pure Plus. We are to pick the car up tomorrow from Land Rover of Cherry Hill. She opted for a Fuji White with the Almond Interior.

I'm the one that will be taking care of this vehicle and of course making the necessary modifications on what already seems to be a great platform! I'm looking forward to being a contributing member to this forum and have had many many years working on my variety of cars, but this will be my first Range. :)

Past vehicles include:
87 Nissan Pathfinder
91 Nissan Maxima
95 Nissan Maxima
97 Nissan Maxima
88 BMW Hardtop Convertible
2000 BMW e39 Touring (just sold my baby)
2001 Audi S4 (twin turbo, six speed)- currently up for sale
2003 Toyota Corolla (currently up for sale)- wife's old car

All of my cars have been modified in some way shape or form, but never straying from what I believe OEM plus should be.

Here are some pictures of my Touring (old) and my S4.


e30 Convertible I sold:

S4 in winter mode:
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