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I’m brand new to the forum and only picked up my Evoque at the weekend so it’s all new to me.

I was wondering if anyone can help me

I have a black 2015 Range Rover Evoque dynamic with lux pack and the black kit I think it is

I was wondering if someone could clarify a few things for me

Next to the dual screen button on the dash is what looks like a very small glass what could be a light. Could someone please tell me what it is as it doesn’t light up.

Also, I have the reversing camera and surround cameras.
When I select reverse the reversing camera comes on but when I go into drive the front cameras do not come on automatically. I have to go in and select them.
Is there any way they can come on automatically or do you have to select manually if you want them on.

I look forward to talking to you
Thank you for your time
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