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Hello everyone!
I decided to open a new discussion about the dreaded p0016 issue on the 2.0t to see if anyone can come with some cool ideas
There are too many folks out there fighting p0016 and p0017 after timing components have been replaced with the special timing tools and ,where the codes will remain , but no one came up with solution.

So long story short , friend of mine brought this Evoque 2.0 with p0018 code.
I cleared the light , order the timing set and tools , had him to bring the car in few days.
In few days he comes back , but this time the code is p0017.
So I removed the valve cover then the timing cover to find out someone already replaced the both gears with original fomoco parts , all the locking pins were in tact.
So ....I removed the axle , lock the crank on top dead and all of the sudden the exhaust cam was off like a tooth so the cam tool cant be installed.
Next I installed new gears just in case locked everything and set the timing ,. Then temporary installed the crank pulley and spun the engine 2 times , then locked again with the pin on the bottom - every thing aligned nice including the cam locking tool.
The new chain was sitting nice and tight.
Also took the oil control solenoids for some tests and they were fine.
So after all that car runs nice but after driving it around the corner p0016 came back.
Crank pulley was also properly installed with the jig and the piece for the sensor.
So what do I do wrong ?
If anyone can come up with something will be greatly appreciated.
I have noticed a lot of people changing crankshaft pulleys on these , I was wandering if there is defects with the pulley so the sensor can't read correctly from the plate.
Some people mentioning crankshaft relearn procedure - if anyone have some info on it pls ride it down.
I'll try to get my buddy next few days to hook up his programmer to see if we can do the relearn.
Or could the problem be in using aftermarket parts and tools?
Any ideas?
Thanks for reading.
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