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In another thread several forum members had posted they had lost one or more of the fasteners that hold
the battery cover in place. In that thread, I had posted a link to a parts diagram for the battery tray, battery cover,
etc. The fasteners for the battery cover were not listed in that parts diagram. I thought I would take on the challenge
of finding the part number for these elusive little devils. The part number is: LR024316. They cost $.81 online, not sure
how much shipping and handling would be.

They can be ordered from the link below. They are listed as an "intake duct clip", and are used for that, as well
as holding the battery cover in place. I just removed a fastener from the intake duct, and the battery cover,
and they are the same.

http://landrovermerriamparts.com/parts/2012/Land Rover/Range Rover Evoque/Pure?siteid=215719&vehicleid=378942&diagram=7125210

Not sure if the “average” Range Rover parts department would stock these or not. But at least we now have the part number.
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