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Hello everyone,

Just registered for the forum. Looking to buy a 2013 Pure Premium Plus in the US which includes the 850W Meridian system and the ability to rip 10 CDs onto the hdd. The salesman mentioned that the system is limited to recording only original non-burned CDs due to Meridian's requirements for sound quality. I'm coming from a Mitsubishi system where I can record hundreds of burned or original disks without issue so I'm a bit skeptical of this system and would like to know more. Could you please answer these questions for me if you are knowledgeable about the recording capabilities? I've been unable to get clear answers to these from the manual and googling, so I'd appreciate answers from those on the forum. Thank you!

1) If I burn a redbook audio disk from FLAC format, will the system prevent me from ripping it? I buy lots of music in FLAC from various record label's own sites and would really like to have some of them in the car. FLAC is lossless codec so the salesman's claims about poor audio quality are moot.
2) Will the system play but not record disks burned from MP3 or FLAC?
3) Can I burn a DVD packed full of MP3s or FLAC in a standard (non-redbook) file format and play them in the vehicle? If so, does it support folder browsing or must I skip through hundreds of songs?
4) Does it play DVD Audio? I have a few DVDs of high quality 5.1 audio (no video, audio only) that I'd like to play as well.
5) Is there any known quality degradation when playing audio from the AUX input? I have FLAC on my phone and would like to run it through the AUX input.
6) Lastly, in my Mitsubishi, if I play music off of my phone or MP3 player while charging the device via the cigarette lighter, I get lots of nasty interference in the sound output. I'm guessing it has something to do with poor grounding. Has anyone tried charging a phone via USB while playing music through AUX? Does it show that interference or does it sound the same as if the device wasn't charging?

Thanks again, and I look forward to becoming more involved in the forum after I get my hands on the keys. :)

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