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Evening all,

I am having issues with the audio of my vehicle. As if a couple of months ago having an adblue malfunction and spending nearly £900 fixing it, for 2 days after getting my car back someone in a car park rear ending it, (Which is due to get repaired next week) I now have another problem of the sound in the car just completely dies.

I can be driving down the road listening to the radio or my mobile phone connected no problems then randomly the sound goes off. I carry on driving get home and for the whole journey after I lost the sound it doesn't come back on. I give the car an hour or so then get back in it, turn it on and the music is playing, i have audio again - no problems.

That has happened about 4 times now, however the latest case of this happening the audio even after it went off an I let the car sit for hours on end, the audio sound hasn't came back on

The touch screen, everything works fine, just literally no sound and now its been like that for over 24 hours.
I put my ears next to every speaker, no a blip.

the volume dial or steering wheel increase decrease volume I try to adjust it and it will stay on 15 volume level. (which would be plenty loud)

my missus said she still heard the warning sensor when she was reversing from another car on the side moving, but when I reverse it, I get no sound from that, so don't know if she is mistaken something.

Anyone had similar issues? common cause? cause quite frankly getting sick of spending money on this car in the short time I have owned it.

So yeah to sum it up, no audio (no radio, no calls, no satnav voice, just a loud engine to listen to)
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