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I am a 2020 Evoque owner- My first entry into the LR world :)

I had an issue with the louvres closing very noisily after shutdown- dealership replaced entire system and there have been no problems since (car only has 6,500 miles on it since Oct- **** COVID).

It performs well and is very comfortable to drive- I had no issues on icy/snowy roads last year, even with the regular tires that came with it from the dealership- I think the cargo area could be improved to have more space with the seats folded down (they do NOT fold flat- only about 3/4 of the way).

The technology is very nice- I love the safety features, as well as blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control is a game changer- I have never used the parking aids, and a ton of other features as of yet- Honestly don't know if I ever will! Haha

The ONLY ongoing issue I have with the LR RR Evoque is I cannot seem to find seat covers for the front and back seats- I frequent the horse farm and gym, and really would like some seat covers to help protect the car's interior (it is a light grey with teal trim- hindsight, I should've waited for a different vehicle to come in with darker interior, but this one had EVERYTHING else I wanted, so figured no biggie to buy seat covers for it- WRONG!!)

Even the LR dealership has no leads as to where to buy seat covers for it- They'd said maybe because it was so new, companies hadn't had the patterns long enough to develop after-market seat covers for wide distribution... here we are, almost 10 months later, and still nothing-

If ANYONE out there in forum land has any leads, please share! Haha

But otherwise, I really love the car- It is solid, easy on the eyes, and a capable vehicle.
I work very hard and have always owned "cheap" vehicles to drive- This was an investment in something I plan to own for a long time- It's since been paid off- I have the title in hand- I'm proud to drive it!
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