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I'm now on my second RR Evoque having recently traded in a manual for the 9 speed automatic.

The manual had an annoying buzz behind the dashboard which I never bothered to get fixed. I hoped the new one would be free of annoying noises....regrettably not!

The new Evoque has an annoying rattle in the boot area.

I have removed the parcel shelf and all my personal effects from the boot. I have also removed the carpet covered piece of hardboard which is the boot floor. I have checked that the rear seats are fully locked into the upright position and secured all the seat belts into their fastenings. I have made sure the spare wheel is secure. Driving the vehicle after doing all this and their is still a rattle somewhere in the region of the boot (although strangely less of a rattle than before) the rattle is most evident when going over road surfaces which cause the car to twist or rock from side to side.

Any ideas anyone?


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There are numerous threads on our forum about rattles from the rear of member's Evoques. Once you have logged in, type "rattle" in the
"Advanced Search" box, in the right upper most corner on the main screen. This will bring up all of the threads about rattles.
You may find some suggestions that will help with your problem.

Good luck!
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