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Just thought I'd make note and reply for those that have the same issue as me. Bought my 2013 Evoque with a few thousand miles on it but got a great deal, the only thing is it has a small dent in the aluminum trim (on driver side) along console. Since then, I've dented it a little by the seatbelt so I'm learning to be more gentle with it as well. That trim dents/scratches way too easy! Wished there was some good options that were more durable, but in the meantime I'm just replacing the trim. Here are some resources for those that want to do the same every so often perhaps:

Part Number (for left side):
*This is for the satin brushed aluminum left side. Similar part #s are available for textured and botanical, even black.
*Make sure you specify this in order.

Good Price On Trim:
Land Rover Parts - Land Rover Parts Center - Call (800) 574-9217 for Genuine Land Rover Parts and Accessories
*Seemed to have good price but shipping eats up some savings
*They take VIN to help make sure part is right

Simple Video on How To Remove Console and Replace Trim (Seems pretty easy)
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