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I've searched the manual, the forums and the google and haven't found anything to help with this one.

Just got a brand spanking new 2015 with Satellite Radio... Everything is activated properly and all 18 presets are filled. However, every time I start the car, the radio loads up 40's on 4 -- incidentally NOT one of the 18 presets, and also not the first station on the dial. Any one else see this issue or know a workaround?

A few other, less important questions for those of you still reading:
  1. Is there a way to display the song title as well as the artist and genre by default? Seems silly to show genre over the song title.
  2. Is there a way to advance through all 18 presets, instead of in groups of cycling through groups of 6 and then having to switch from SAT 1, to SAT 2 or SAT 3?
Thanks in advance!
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