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I finally got a chance to see an Evoque in person and got a quick shot with my car behind it. The angle isn't the best to see scale, I just wanted to see how much bigger the Evoque would be. Although technically it is 2 inches shorter and 6 inches higher the shape and beltline of the Evoque make it look bigger than it is.

It looked great but being 100hp/100tq down and almost 600lbs heavier is going to be a deal breaker for me. Still going to test drive one though.

The closet thing for a luxury upgrade for me is probably a CTS-V wagon or a used A6 3.0 Avant with Stasis ECU tune/suspension. I wish Audi would have brought over their RS4 Avant.

Fast luxury sedans and SUV's are everywhere but wagons/hatches are few and far between.
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