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My vehicle goes out of warrantee in the next 6 months, so I am starting to look for a SDD system that will work with my truck and my wife's 2012 Jag XK. I found a couple of options and was curious if anyone here had experience with them. See below. I am a little new to the whole SDD/ISD world. I do have some experience with OBD software, specify DIS and INPA, which I used on my BMW E60 M5.

British Diagnostic:
Looks to be V38 of SDD and works on both the Jag and the RR. Can do most calibrations and all diagnostics, as well as suspension settings. Cannot flash program as a subscription to Topix is required.

Mongoose Cable:
Appears to be a JLR approved device which is good, the bad is I do not believe it comes with software. Not really clear how this thing works actually. Maybe with Topix?

OBDII365.com: Found this page on Facebook Jaguar&LandRover Diagnostics, branded as related to JLR but I doubt it, sales various versions of SDD up to V145.
New Arrival V145 JLR Mangoose SDD Pro For Jaguar and Land Rover

For my use, I want to be able to do everything a dealer can do in terms of repairs (part replacement/activation/service interval resets) to the car. I do not see myself doing any actual coding of the modules or customizing. Any feedback or advice would be great.
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