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Hi All,
My 2015 Evoque was hit a few weeks ago and the insurance company wrote it off.
I purchased another (2013 RR Evoque coup pure premium) in Maryland and drove it home to NY on Friday.
Everything was great until yesterday. After using the car in the morning, I came back to it and it was dead. No nothing.
I did all the smart key fixes (key battery, fuses 1&17 swapped out, etc.) but still nothing.
The only odd thing I did before it died was trying to program the garage door opener. Couldn’t get it to take it.
The only way the car will start is placing the the key in the recovery location under the steering column.
Any help is appreciated. I will be calling Land Rover tomorrow to ask service what to do.

BTW, I did search all over for a resolution but no good.
This isn’t that odd of an issue since I have ready many posts all over the web but have not found a solution.
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