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I have an TD4 manual. It has 1500km.
Yesterday we got about 10 cm of snow.
It was -9 Celsius and of course I went for a little snow test with Evoque.
I chosen the Grass - Gravel - Snow terrain responce. First I left the DSC on. Here is a pic of the setup.

I went on the road and all was okay. Then I went on a big parking space where
there is a combination of asphalt and some gravel areas. I put DSC off and the fun began.
It is not so easy to slide it without manual handbrake.
But you can do it with the clutch and gas combination. Otherwise I have to say the car handles
very very good. I also have very good winter tyres and I have to say I was impressed with handling in snow.
It was very hard to bring the car to drift and the parking wasnt really that big...so I had to watch not to hit the fence

Here is the problem.
After a coulple of drift circles on the parking I noticed a very loud whistling sound somewhere on the outside of the car. I also noticed a smell similar to burning rubber. It was not a strong smell but I could sence a little smell like that. I am not exactly sure from where it came from but I think its more from the front.
A colleague of mine noticed the sound also from standing far away and he suggested that maybe it is differential.
I though it was turbine. Is this normal? Otherwise the car goes normal.

When my friend mentioned the diferential i got a little scared the next day.
Why? I noticed that in Grass - Gravel - Snow terrain responce if you turn the steering wheel left or right fully a graphich is dispayed on lcd showing front wheels turned. Then I remembered I heared that whistling sound the previous day when I turn my steering wheel fully to the left or right.

Is there a connection with "Snow" terrain responce and the whistling sound when steering fully?
I tried the same thing today on a cold engine and there was no whistling sound.
Is it something else? Should I be worried? Was it maybe overheating? The car was doing up to 5.000 rpm
at some moments to bring it to drift. It's pretty much for a diesel I know.
Day after the crazy drive the car goes normal.

And one more question? What does "Grass - Gravel - Snow" mode really do. I mean technicaly?
If you ask my wife she will tell you:"It's for driving in snow" But I mean does it lock differentials or something like that? When drifting I put DSC off but did I make a mistake not living the car in "normal" mode?

Anyone has any suggestion ?

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