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Welcome to the Evoque Performance area on Evoque Forums dot net. This section will contain discussions for all performance add-ons for the Range Rover Evoque.
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i just ordered de 2wd pure coupe eD$
delivery jan 2012
what are the posibilities to lift up the power from 150bhp to ????? max?
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Do not know yet, but I am dying to see if there will be a tuning to the engine.
By the way, is this forum BRITISH?

As I am writing from the US.
safe ride,
Hahahaha. Hope you enjoy your new Evoque, I know I am. But here in the states we all get the same thing 4WD Si4 engine, that's it. Only options are which model, pure, dynamic or prestige and 3 door or 5 door. Everything else is the same with options and stuff. But our engines and drive are all the same. But of course we are also looking forward to upgrades to get a little more power out of these Evoques, hope it's sooner than later for sure.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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