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He had done speaking, Nfl jerseys wholesale, Si Dina said excitedly: "Great, the Italian Cup semi-final against AC Milan do not ask, obediently brought the tickets, we will look at."

Ai know Snow Seoul, her close friend once again betrayed that he has not publicly said Sidi Na on our promise down, Baileyiyan she did not talk.

Romance with a hint of progress, feet injuries recover after two days old finally agreed Dr. Li Yu can travel with the team to perform simple resume training.

"Hey ... No. 85," a voice sounded.

Li Rui and his teammates stopped to see a person came towards the side, Sebastian Giovinco.

Paladino transfer Parma coach Didier Deschamps Giovinco from the youth team directly transferred to the first team.

The smaller ,Cheap Elite jerseys,players have always wanted the same young Li Yu.Li Yu, the first time today returned from injury training session, Giovinco up stopped Li Yu.

See Sebastian Giovinco came Greig the yeni Bojinov and Li Rui playing hello, pulled Baomu Song with the first back to the visitors' locker room, Li Rui hear Bojinov from Giovinco was close by when, nose hum loudly.

Somewhat warning means that Li Yugang back, as a good friend, absolutely do not want to see the the squad Competition accident, raised the first team ever since this kid to know, veteran opening outside, no matter what position the young players he did not dare he competition for the first time, not to mention really really good Giovinco technology.

Li Yu smile,Cheap nfl jerseys, Giovinco shrugged toward the inside, "he was like this, do not mind." Although he did not know why the young man will find themselves, but, in any case, the necessary polite or necessary to The same young people, should get along well, although coming up to speak some bluntly, even impossible to make friends, chats nothing.

Giovinco pointed to open training ground, his face grim, said: "I want to game and your competition!"

"Competition game?" Li Yu shocked at once, which makes him a little surprised, did not know before, up necessary Competition skills before heard Giovinco is Turin's most talented young players ,05-06 season to help Juventus to get the the Italian youth league champion, and the last time Juventus youth team to win the championship dates back to the 1993-94 season, and scored a lot of wonderful goals Jijingsizuo Youth League, Authentic nfl jerseys,the President is because these him directly to the first team, can just back from injury, this kid would Competition own skills, Li Yu was getting bored with this somewhat arrogant young man from the heart.

"Yes, the only way to better improve their game." Giovinco simple answer, say the reason.

"I promise you, but not now, wait until after the game with Milan, there's a time Competition!" Li Yu nodded, barely recognized Giovinco reason, he has been light with the help of the brain, and that other The young player wants to grow faster this is perhaps a good way.

Get a satisfactory answer, Giovinco turned and ran back to the training ground, it seems that this young man is going to add their own practice.

Li Yu back to the locker room, nhl jerseys china, looking at the eyes of other people asking Bojinov said, "You have long known, that kid and my competition skills?"

"Oh, I say how, must be the subject to money, Greig Jeny you do not run, you just bet 100 euros! Bojinov heard that right away cheerfully ready to receive money.
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