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This has been like some ridiculously drawn-out teenage tease. The first glimpse of the Evoque was July last year. It has been breathlessly revealing more of itself since then. Now, finally, there's been the first hurried physical contact behind the bike sheds. I got a drive of it.

As I say, though, it was just a quick furtle. The tease goes on for an agonisingly long time yet, as showroom cars won't be launched until summer. This wasn't a road test, but a short drive of prototypes on a test track.

That said, they were pretty finished prototypes, and the track was varied enough to yield useful information. Like: is the drive as good as the looks?


The petrol will be the quickest powertrain. It's the 2.0 turbo direct-injection engine from the latest Mondeo, but powered up to 240 horses. It's re-engineered to allow the usual Range Rover off-roading ruggedness. It can still run when tipped at 45 degrees, or you're 50cm deep in water.

Continue reading @ http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/land-rover-evoque-driven-2011-03
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