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About six months ago my Evoque indicated a Transmission Fault Error on the dash, and at the same time the turbo charger started to sound like if the manifold had a leak. I had to go in for an emergency major surgery so the car became a secondary issue I couldn't care less. In the past six months the car was driven few hundred miles and eventually about a month ago the turbo failed completely and I drove it to the dealer to get it checked and so here in short, is what the dealer said.
Check engine lamp is on.
Multiple Transmission faults, fluid burnt, metal shavings. Trans replacement recommended.
Turbo Charger: Under boost condition, no power. Turbo replacement recommended.
Oil leak, excessive oil leak in engine area.
Diagnosis cost: $292.50 (Discounted from $390.)

Recommended on 12/31/2019:
Turbo Charger: $1,835.
Misc Parts (listed in the estimate): $317. Approx.
Transmission Replacement: $5,647.
Misc Parts (listed in the estimate): $790. Approx.
Total w labor: $14,157.

So this is how 2019 ended for me.
And I decided to wait and start 2020 buy solving this clusterf... my way.

5 years ago I bought a salvaged 2011 Mini Cooper S from Justin at Alternative Automotive in Sun Valley CA. and beside that the car has been fantastic and even though the first problem I had with it was just last December (not a good month for my cars), the car has been amazing. Basically just few insignificant issues.
When I was buying the car I noticed that in Justin's office there was picture of his father in a Land Rover junkyard. Basically he and his brother Rick grew up around Land Rovers and Jaguars. Anyhow, 3 years later as I was looking for my Land Rover, I read somewhere, perhaps was on Edmunds, that if you must buy one, make sure you have a place that can repair it so you don't have to depend on a dealership, that's when I remembered the brothers in Sun Valley.
I bought the 2012 Evoque in August 2017 for $25k and always had Elite Auto Parts (Rick's business) in the back of my mind since initially I wanted an LR4 and I thought that being an older model, I may need a connection. Just an FYI, I decided on the Evoque because of the MPG since I was driving 150 miles per day and as you know the MPG is way better on the tiny but mighty 4 cyl turbo.

Anyhow, I called Rick and he found a donor car with 16k miles about a week later. 2 days later the job was done, he took the car to have it reprogrammed so that it "accepted" the transmission and drove it for about a week. During that period he realized that I needed a new auxiliary battery based on an error that kept on popping up. Rick drove the car for few more days for a total of about 200-250 miles. When I picked it up he hooked up to a computer and it showed no error anywhere.

Transmission: $2,000.
Filter/Fluid and Transmission reprogramming: (included)
Turbo Charger: $1,000.
Labor: $2,000.
Engine Oil/Filter Change: $91.
Aux. Battery: $91.
Total: $5,200. w 1 year/12k miles warranty on Trans and Turbo.

And I'm happy.

I will be updating this post every 30 days for the next couple of months.

Peace and drive safe

Oh yes I installed a garage floor the week that the car was away. :)

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Even though the repairs weren't cheap, it sounds like it all worked out for the best. Always nice to find a repair shop you can trust, and that does good work:)
Evoque looks really good, and so does your new floor!
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