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So ya... had a 6.5 hour drive home from Vegas with no radio or Bluetooth because I forgot the pin I created haha!
Dealership scratched their head and scheduled me a week out.
Long story short I thought about my Foxwell NT510 that I still own and used on my BMW 135i. Sure enough I was easily able to download Land Rover software for $60 and just as simple as the download I was able to get it unlocked!

Im definitely going to be more active on here as I’ve found it hard to find anyone really DIYing on the Evoque... stay tuned for more! I’m currently running the Race Chip GTS Black and it’s a night and day difference! I’m waiting to hear back from Tim Gruber to continue working on developing an XLR that will help with pedal response. I’ve sent in pictures of both plug ends and waiting to schedule a day for their R and D team to use my car for data and development.
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