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Hello All,

We have just joined the forum as sponsors and look forward to building a great reputation here for our products & customer service. VelocityAP has been around since 2007, gaining a foothold in the Aston Martin world (we are an OEM supplier to Aston Martin Racing) and branching out into Jaguar, McLaren & many more.

We are currently beginning software development for the JLR 2.0L Petrol/Gasoline and Diesel engines, which will be documented on the dyno and results posted here. A Launch special will also be announced. If you have any questions please ask away, our software engineer will be along to answer some as well. We are expecting some great results from both fuel platforms.

We are sponsors of one of the sister boards to Evoqueforums.net and have a couple of threads running on our tuning for the FType & XE here:
VelocityAP Jaguar F-Type ECU Tuning, V6, V6S, V8S, V8R

If you have a quick browse of the F-Type thread you'll see that we have some great software developed for the 3.0L Supercharged V6 and V8 already. The net results are:
3.0L ECU Tuning: 340-420+BHP
3.0L ECU Tuning + Supercharger Overdrive Pulley: 340BHP-453BHP

5.0L ECU Tuning: 495/550BHP - 605BHP
5.0L ECU Tuning + Supercharger Overdrive Pulley: 495/550BHP - 630BHP

How is the software installed?
VelocityAP sends you a VTech hand-held touch screen programmer, which is included with the cost of the tune. This programmer pairs to the vehicle and allows you to read the OEM file, email to us for modification, and flash the MOD file back onto the car.

Who writes the files and what support is provided?
Our dedicated, in-house software engineer is an Aston Martin + Jaguar/Land Rover factory trained technician. Each file is individually written to the customer's specification and can to some degree be customized to suit individual preferences. Our sales team & software engineer provide phone & web support and go to great lengths to make sure they are available to answer questions and provide assistance where required.

Can I switch back to the original file?
Yes, the VTech ALWAYS stores your original file + up to 5 modified files. So you can use the device to switch between original & modified files at any time.

In addition to more BHP and torque, what other things can be changed?
- RPM Limit Adjustment
- Auto Stop/Start Deactivation
- Sport Cat Integration
- Throttle Sensitivity
- Speed Limiter Adjustment
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