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OK, the short answer on this is that I have been told that my usual stereo guys have no speaker that will improve deep bass response, yet simply "drop-in" to the current enclosure.

They have offered to build me a custom enclosure that would fit right where the current sub lives. I am waffling on what to do.

This car is only 5 months old at this point and has been a little persnickety (to say the least) about it's electrical systems. I have been back/forth to the dealer four times in 5 months about various things. I hesitate to let somebody do real sound system work on it just yet until some other folks have shook out more of the "bugs" in the car.

I think I will keep internet surfing for a top-tier speaker with deeper bass response, yet with similar dimensions. I may even contact a high-end provider to see about having one engineered. I'd really rather drop the speaker in than remove/rebuild the whole enclosure and risk screwing up the sound system and the seat controls.
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